Welcome to my media page. Here’s a list of the various places you can find my advice, opinions, and stories.


Kate WorkingLooking for my writing? Here are some places that publish my articles.

Good In Bed

Huffington Post


Thought Catalog


Here are some videos of me getting interviewed and giving advice.

Ask Kate: Q&A with Kate McCombs for Little Black Box (series)

Sex Geekdom NYC: Kate and Lola Discuss the SG NYC hub

Sexplanations: An Interview with Kate McCombs

Sex Positivity, Sex Education, and Sex Geekdom: with Kate McCombs and Lauren Marie Fleming

Tea & Empathy with Kate McCombs (journalist Julia Barajas made a video about my workshop)

Team Sex Ed: Q&A with Kate McCombs and Louise Bourchier (series


Joy FMHere are some links to me talking on the radio (so vintage!).

3CR with Sally Goldner (Australia)
Topic: Sex Geekdom and Sex-Positive Community-Building

ABC Radio National (Australia)
Topic: Erotic Fiction and 50 Shades of Grey

JOYFM – Well, Well, Well with Jason and Adam (Australia)
Topic: Sex Geekery and Public Health

Sex City Radio (Canada)
Topic: Sex Geekery and Playground Conference

The Mother Rising
Topic: Sexual Play, Pleasure & Preventions As You Heat Things Up Post-Divorce


There are lots of podcast hosts who like to talk about sex and feelings, which is totes my jam.

Bawdy Love with Lauren Marie Fleming: Kate McCombs on Chronic Pain, Migraines, and Feeling Sexy When You’re Ill

In Sickness + In Health: Kate McCombs, MPH: 3A Sex Geek, Chronic Migraineur, and American Treasure

In Sickness + In Health: Kate McCombs, MPH: 3B Sex Geek, Chronic Migraineur, and American Treasure

Huffington Post Love + Sex: Adults Need Sex Ed As Much As Kids

Kate and SandraLife on the Swingset: Geeking Out about Sex with Kate McCombs, Founder of Sex Geekdom

Marriage is Funny: When in Doubt, Just Ask a Sexpert

Marriage is Funny: Talking About Sex Makes it Even Better

Raise Your Hand and Say Yes with Tiffany Han: Kate McCombs on Pleasure

Sex Gets Real: Kate McCombs on All Things Sex and Communication

Sex Gets Real: Louise Bourchier and Kate McCombs

Sex Nerd Sandra: Sexy Safer Sex

Sex Nerd Sandra: Sex Down Under

Smart Sex with Kerri Miller: How to Talk About Sex & Why You Should

The Huddle Show: Empathy Beyond the Buzzwords


Here are a bunch of articles that feature my advice.

Bustle, July 2017: 15 Women on The Times They Were Slut-Shamed

Catalyst, August 2017: Ask A Pleasure Professional // Can Being Submissive Be Feminist?

Cosmopolitan, April 2016: Your Hands-On Guide to Solo Sex, June 2015: Lubricant, June 2015: Ultimate Intro to Orgasms, April 2015: Masturbation

Elite Daily, July 2017: The Dangerous Psychological Effects Of Stalking Your Ex On Social Media

Kate at NPRFeminist Wednesday, March 2016: Girl Gang Missives

Flo & Frank, January 2016: Beautiful Reflections from Women about Their First Period

Fortune Magazine, April 2015: Bored with Your Job? Try These Surprising Adult-Only Occupations

Hazlitt, July 2016: Confessions of a Sexual Skeptic

Healthline, March 2017: Talking to Your Partner About Sex

Huffington Post, October 2015: 4 Things to Think About Before Offering Advice to Someone in Pain

Huffington Post, October 2015: When the Universe Gives You a Sign that You’re on the Right Path, Embrace It

Huffington Post, May 2015: 20 Reasons We Need To Support Comprehensive Sex Ed

Insider, March 2017: A relationship expert reveals the one thing you should do for a stronger bond — and it’s super simple

Insider, March 2017: 5 Ways to Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Insider, March 2017: 5 Dating Tips for Introverts

Insider, April, 2017: 3 Sex and Relationships Experts Share What Makes Them Feel Sexy

Mashable, May 2016: 9 Tricks to Spice Up Your Sext Life

Medium, March 2017: KiwiFoo ’17 Conference Lessons Learned

Metro, August 2017: Why trying to solve your partner’s problem is a terrible idea (and what to do instead), May 2016: There’s One Way to Close the Orgasm Gap, Once and For All, February 2016: There’s A Secret to Having Multiple Orgasms — And It’s Less Complicated Than You Think, June 2015: There’s Really No Sensible Reason to Have Sex on the Beach, May 2015: The Simple Secret to Truly Enjoying All the Pleasure the Clitoris Has to Offer, April 2015: Your Most Embarrassing Googled Sex Questions, Finally Answered By Experts, April 2015: There’s One Simple Way to Tell Whether You’re Good in Bed, April 2015: There’s an Easy Way to Improve Our Sex Lives — and We Never Talk About It, March 2015: Here’s What We’re All Thinking About Sex, From the 20-Something Sex Educators Who Know

National Sex Ed Conference, April 2015: How To Teach Sex Ed (Tips for Beginners)

Neutral.Love, October 2017: Review; Nikki Darling Workshop

Neutral.Love, November 2017: Interview; Kate Kenfield McCombs

Nylon, February 2017: Everything You Need To Know About BDSM

Patheos, July 2016: Best of Adult Sex Ed Month 2016

Prevention Magazine, January 2015: 8 Times You Definitely Need To Use Lube

Psychnsex, August 2017: Stop Faking Your Orgasm

Star Observer, May 2013: Sex Geekdom…WTF?

Toronto Sun, May 2014: Adults Need Sex Education Too, Experts Say 

Thrillist, February 2017: Can You Love Two People at the Same Time, Really?

Thrillist, February 2017, Underrated Signs You’re in a Strong Relationship

Thrillist, February 2017, A Huge Breakup in your 20s is Actually Good for You

The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (TVO), October 2017: When it comes to sex, there’s nothing wrong with vanilla

The Student Life, November 2017: Politics of Pleasure: Workshop Teaches Sex & Intersectionality

The Uniter, January 2015: The New Sexy Geeks

The Washington Free Beacon, November 2017: ‘Reverend Pleasure’ Instructs Students How to Use ‘Pleasure’ as ‘Resistance’

Washington Square News, April 2016: NYU WYSE Makes Sex Ed Fun in ‘Let’s Talk about Sex, Ba-by!’ 

WebMD: 7 Awesome Erogenous Zones


huddle-podcast-louise-kate-caitlynjpgCurious about me, my life, and how the heck I got into this line of work? Here are some interviews I’ve done.

Censored2Celebrated: Geeking Out with Kate McCombs

Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health: Hump Day Hero

Center for Thriving Relationships: Your Sex Life

Fourth Hour: Not Your Mother’s Sex Ed: A Conversation with Kate McCombs

Good Vibrations: Sex Educator Profiles

Insider: This woman is traveling the world to teach people how to have better sex

Medium: Pleasure to Meet You, Kate McCombs!

Voice America: Kate McCombs on Sex Geekdom and Helping the World with Empathy


Need my bio and headshot? Here they are: 

Kate McCombs headshot square

Kate McCombs is an empathy educator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her workshops, talks, and writing seek to improve emotional literacy, whether in a professional or personal context.

Kate’s Tea & Empathy workshop uses a unique set of cards she developed, and has aided doctors, students, entrepreneurs, and many others to better understand and talk about feelings in a practical and non-confrontational way.

Kate holds a Master’s in Public Health, and is a sought-after expert on sex and relationships. She’s been published in Thought Catalog and The Huffington Post and has spoken at universities including the University of California at Berkeley, New York University, and University of Melbourne.


You can find out more about Kate at, connect with her on Twitter (@katecom), or Instagram (@kateanswers).



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