My Policies

Being clear about what we’re willing and not willing to do is one of the most freeing gifts good communication can bring us. Clarity brings harmony. This principle is one of the reasons I created this page.

I also added this section because I was inspired by Alexandra Franzen, one of my communication heroes. She has a similar page on her brilliant site.

My advice policy

My intention is to make my content as useful as humanly possible to you, but I don’t answer individual sex questions via email.

You’re welcome to post your question on the Good In Bed forum. I, along with several other sex educators and therapists, answer user-submitted questions there.

You can also bring your questions to the fabulous folks at Scarleteen or San Francisco Sex Information. If you have the means, drop them a little donation while you’re at it. They are both fabulous non-profit organizations.

Interested in a career in sex ed?

If you’re interested in becoming a sex educator, that is great! The world needs more educationally-gifted folks who want to make the world a more sex-positive place. Check out this piece I wrote about my top six tips for pursuing that path. Please read it before contacting me about sex ed career questions.

My comments policy

You may have noticed that I don’t have a comments section at the end of my posts. It’s just not my joy to have a comments section, so I don’t have one.

If you feel inspired to comment on one of my pieces, that is awesome. I invite you to link to it in a post of your own, share your thoughts on your own social media platform, or talk about it with a friend over a nice cup of tea.

My intention for my content is to be a beacon of permission for meaningful conversations in your life.

My “sexy boundaries” cancelation policy for workshops

I think clear boundaries are a sexy thing. As such, I am making it clear what my policy is about workshop cancelations.

Workshop tickets are non-refundable. You are, however, welcome to gift them to someone else or sell them to someone else if you’re unable to attend. Just email me with their name if you’re transferring your ticket.

My affiliate policy

Some of the links on pages and posts are affiliate links. This means that if you visit those links and purchase something from those sites, I get a commission from that sale. I only include affiliate links to goods or services I wholeheartedly believe in. Purchasing from these links is just one way you can support me and my work.

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