• Kate is a bright, talented sex educator. As a guest lecturer in my college-level human sexuality class, she provided clear, evidence-based information about safer (and pleasurable) sex practices to my students, who found her to be fun, smart, and engaging.

    — Debby Herbenick, PhD, School of Public Health, Indiana University

  • Kate is the perfect blend of warmth and knowledge. She listens with a full heart and is always on your team, easing participants into opening up at their own pace. Kate also brightens the learning experience with endless quirky facts that bring wonder, laughter, and beautiful lightness.

    — Karen B. K. Chan, Sex & Emotional Literacy Educator, fluidexchange.org, Toronto, Canada

  • Kate’s unique flavor of teaching empathy fits perfectly with an entrepreneurial mindset. Learning to give and receive empathy has been a catalyst to working collaboratively with diverse clients and building purposeful and meaningful relationships. Kate's work has shown me that empathy sits at the center of quality human relationships. These are life long communication skills that have changed the way I approach professional and personal relationships.

    Rick A. Aguilar, Marketing and Public Health Consultant

  • It’s impossible to not be happy around Kate, she has an aura of excitement and joy that shines through everything she does. Her workshops are effortlessly inclusive, welcoming, and non-threatening to the most timid of newcomers while her unique insights are enough to intrigue and enthrall even the most seasoned of attendees.

    — Bex, Sex Educator at BexTalksSex.com

  • Kate is an absolute joy to be around. She enthusiastic about helping others to live their best lives and does it fully dedicated to the moment and the person. She is an incredibly empathetic person which shows in her creation of Tea & Empathy. This workshop is an amazing experience in how we define our own feelings, assign names to what we perceive others are feeling, and the differences in our communication styles. It is truly an exercise that leaves you unpacking for weeks afterward.

    Kirsten Schultz, Health Activist & Blogger

  • Kate presented workshops at the University of Melbourne’s Student Union ‘Rad Sex and Consent Week’ in two consecutive years while I was on the organising committee. Her workshops were a highlight of the week, enriching our themes of sex-positivity and consent. She was a vibrant, upbeat, and very knowledgeable presenter; I hope that many more university students will get the opportunity to see her speak in the future.

    — Dani Weber, Event Organizer, Melbourne, Australia

  • Kate’s workshops are truly a unique experience. She is able to create a learning environment that is at once inviting, personal, informative, and fun. Kate’s engaging manner, combined with her expertise, make her workshops truly worthwhile for everyone who has the good fortune to participate. I never cease to learn something new!

    — Portia Brown, Co-founder of Little Black Box, Atlanta, GA

  • Kate is the best! Her workshops allow you to be in a safe space without judgement while participating in engaging activities. Kate also provides a sex positive attitude and always has fascinating information about sexual health. She is my go to person for grown-up sex ed.

    — Monica Nguyen, Doctor of Optometry, New York, NY

  • Tea and Empathy changed the way I interact with other people's stories. I'm able to hold space for people, and they notice. Sometimes after a single conversation, my coworkers will approach me more warmly and be more willing to help when I need it, just because I know how to listen and relate to people better. If you want a model for deeper, more valuable connection, you should absolutely attend a Tea and Empathy workshop.

    — Kenton Johnston, Lead Designer at FunkitToys.com

  • Kate McCombs shares her knowledge of sex and sexuality with great warmth and enthusiasm. She will gently lead you into world of sex positivity as only she can; with a smile and a vulva puppet.

    — Lola, Founder of Sex Ed-a-Go-Go, New York, NY

  • Kate brings a genuine passion to her field. She has a beautiful way of balancing science and humanity to create engaging and comfortable experiences for all her participants. Kate's workshops are highly recommended for anyone wanting to feel empowered, heard, and restored.

    Shadeen Francis, MFT, Philadephia, Pennsylvania

  • As someone with a Health Ed minor, I have a great appreciation for sex education and a genuine concern for the amount of uniformed adults. Attending Kate’s workshop was very relieving, informative, comfortable and fun. Sex should not be a taboo subject and Kate’s workshop is a perfect environment to further knowledge and essentially benefit yourself (and maybe your partner if you’re feeling giving).

    — Rae Witte, Fashion Blogger at Aspiring Bon Vivant

  • Kate has created the world's first empathy gym. It is well recognised that high emotional intelligence and empathic communication are the most sought after leadership skills. Finally, we have a way to practice, develop and hone those emotional muscles. This is revolutionary stuff applicable to anyone who deals with humans on a regular basis.

    Victoria Cullen, lube advocate and co-founder of Future Sex Studio at RMIT University, www.victoriacullen.com

  • Kate is an expert in her field who has a great talent for expressing often complicated or taboo topics in a way that is personable, memorable, and professional. Participants in her events praised her extremely highly. After facilitating workshops and speaking at events for our organisation, many have requested her details to book in future engagements.

    — Belinda O’Connor, Event Organizer, Melbourne, Australia

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