Silicone-Based Lube: Not Just for Sex

liberator laptop deskWhen you get a room full of sex educators together, inevitably the conversation takes some interesting turns. One of the things we love to talk about are “sex geek hacks.”

Sex geek hacks are little ways we repurpose our sex geeky belongings for off-label uses. Sometimes you’ll see articles for how to turn every day items into sex toys (my personal favorite being the hands-free lube dispenser) but this is a different approach.¬†We take sex accessories and use them for non-sex purposes.

There are countless examples of sex geek hacks. From dildo bookends, to Pure Wand-as-home-defense-weapon, sex geeks are a creative bunch.

One of my personal favorites is using the Liberator Jaz mini as a laptop desk. It’s the perfect size and weight and doesn’t feel heavy on your lap. It also feels delightfully on-point when I’m writing articles about sexuality.

I’d say the overwhelming favorite among sex geeks is the alternative uses for silicone-based lube. Every time I mention it on twitter, I get heaps of enthusiastic replies and suggestions for new uses. JoEllen Notte (a.k.a. the Redhead Bedhead) and I made a little video about just these things.

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